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France Sales and Service

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France Sales and Service was one of CWDG LLC’s first clients. We were originally contracted to take their original design and make it responsive, but they also wanted to their site to produce more sales leads. They were spending a lot of money towards their Yellow Pages ad as their sole source of sales leads, but that wasn’t producing enough to cover the overhead cost.

I replicated their website using ZURB’s Foundation 5 framework and also gave it some basic SEO mark-up. Nothing too fancy; no real Keyword Research, just some On-Page SEO mark-up.

Within about a month, France reported that their website was doing so well in producing sales leads that they were able to reduce their Yellow Pages ad to a free listing, saving them hundreds of dollars per month. They said that having their phone number predominantly displayed – and linked – at the top was an easy way for people to get in touch with them.

SEO Meter

Their original website was static HTML and was riddled with errors, giving them a 15% SEO optimal metric based on my standards. At the end, I estimate their website was optimized to about 75% of that what it could be minus keyword research and other factors.



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SEO Case Studies
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