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RetroRide Teardrop Campers

Blake Johnston, the owner, had been through the ringer with marketing his campers & trailers online. He had tried a handful of SEO companies that could never get him to the first page of results in his hometown of Plover, Wisconsin.

After analyzing his website and letting him know of all the SEO-related issues & problems, I could tell he was pretty skeptical.

I would be too if our money was being wasted!

Main Problems Found:

  1. Page load speed – there were some 200 uncompressed images.
  2. The Image/CSS/JS minification plugin was breaking the meta tags, rendering his website virtually invisible to search engines.
  3. Keyword Inconsistency – The keywords set in his content were close to what people were searching for, but not consisent whatsoever. Seriously, there was no coherence to how the word were placed on the pages.

I took the time to manually compress all of his images and remove the worthless compression plugin. The head tag meta information now displayed properly with no W3C validation errors.

After the technical issues were fixed, I performed proper keyword analysis and then corrected his content and URL slugs with the correct keyword phrases.

After these problems were fixed and one week’s time had passed, I had RetroRide at the top of the Plover game sitting pretty at spot #1. On top of that success, his website is now #3 in the state of Wisconsin for his product!

Blake confirmed that he was skeptical at first, but was incredibly happy with the results in the end. He did not anticipate becoming a statewide competitor!

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SEO Case Studies
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