Web Design Skills

Built For Business Owners & Their Clients

With each web design I have built and will build, the promise is simple: the client will get a modern, responsive web design that's built to their specs and with today's Web user in mind. I'll put in the extra effort to research who the target audience is and build the site to that audience's expectations.

I stay up-to-date with the best user experience practices and incorporate them in to all of my designs. The website will be easy to use and the content will be easy to find.

Graphically, I strive to give the visitors to the site a great first impression and a clean interface. I don't believe in cheap frills, meaningless animations or other design aspects that are made to distract. Great web design is simple and subtle.

Why Hire Me?


I've created web designs from scratch (like this website), using Photoshop mock-ups, retrofitting old builds into responsive ones, and even practicing by copying different themes and their features.


As a child, I saw the Internet before Web browsers by getting a chance to use the GOPHER system at the University of Minnesota. I've seen each and every evolution of the Web.


I've studied the Web throughout life and all throughout my schooling, making it my major in college. I've always seen its potential for the World and I am proud to be a part of it.